Are you burning fat or burning sugar?

Do you need to follow a high fat and high protein eating plan to become a fat burner? We had the Atkins diet in the 90’s try to turn us into fat burners, now we have Paleo and Ketogenic protocols trying to do the same. Can we become a fat burner without doing these heavy meat and protein based programs?

Every day when we wake up we need to observe which mode of energy our body is using. Some days meat may be a condiment on your plate and some days meat may take center stage on your plate. Following a plan that doesn’t allow you to discover the tools to help you decipher what you need, keeps us all powerless, still stuck in the diet mentality, confused and not connected with our bodies.

When your cells are functioning properly they will absorb nutrients, eliminate waste and have healthy levels of ATP (energy). When your cells are inflamed, metabolic waste will build up and your cells will not be able to absorb nutrients or hormones, which can happen if your quantity and quality of meats and fats are too high for your cells.

How do you know if you are a sugar burner and your cells are starting to build up toxins? Every morning when you wake up, here are a few things to observe.

  1. Feel the right side of your abdomen: Place your hands below your rib cage on your right side, press gently under your ribs see if there is room? If there is not room and you feel tender, drink heaps of water and have a light, easily digestible breakfast consistent of fruit, vegetable juice or a protein shake. If you have room and you wake up super hungry, enjoy a substantial breakfast so your cells can receive fuel to replenish energy.
  2. Do you feel your mouth and mind are dehydrated?: Do you wake up and your mouth is super dry and your brain is foggy? If so, drink 24 oz of water by itself 30 minutes before you eat. If you are still dehydrated add in electrolytes and minerals, such as magnesium or vitamin C. Try a squeeze of lemon or lime in your water or have a half of a grapefruit or blood orange.
  3. Do you hear your stomach growl?: If you wake up every morning and eat on autopilot, this is a sign you are a sugar burner. Try to wait to feel your stomach growl and your stomach acid is ready to process food.  This suggestion is the toughest one to practice, because of life stress and comfort. Try this on weekends when you have more time and can make yourself a meal when you need it. Some of my clients were so scared to try this, and once they did they reversed so many symptoms and released a lot of fears around food. If you have major blood sugar issues, please work with a professional to assess if this is right for you.

If you wake up each day and…

  • Jump out of bed with heaps of energy
  • When you eat breakfast you feel energized and satiated
  • Your stomach feels flat and your cells are not inflamed
  • You very rarely need snacks through out the day to boost your blood sugar
  • If you are really hungry, you begin eating and are full and can save some of your plate for leftovers
  • You can drink water to satisfy your hunger versus needing sugar
  • Your mind is clear and it is easy for you to do difficult tasks
  • Your body is releasing weight or it is easy for you to maintain a confident weight.

Then congratulations, you are a fat burner. My favorite analogy of this is a fire that doesn’t need a lot of kindling to keep burning, but burns slow and consistently all day.

This is an ongoing life process and not just about eating heaps of protein and fats to keep your body burning fat. Supporting your body to discover homeostasis is a daily practice. Some times intense exercise, emotional stress or too much meat can cause your body to be acidic and inflamed taking days for your body to recalibrate.

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“When our physical body is feeling supported, we can dive deeper with our relationships with ourselves and others”~Wayne Dyer. It is because of this quote that I am sharing nourishment via my computer and not hiding out on an organic farm:)

Cheers to practicing fat burning,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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