The A-LIVE Diet, Music Video And A Cake That Counts As A Vegetable

Hello everyone, I have been feeling extra alive lately, and also today is my birthday!

I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE my birthday. I mean really love it. I have been reflecting on what does being alive mean to me?

I just had a 2 month stint of traveling all over having many different experiences. I felt more connected in relationships with friends, flying on the plane and taking the train, meeting new people, speaking in front of my peers, trying new foods, seeing new babies, and feeling more inspired to be more connected in my every day life.

You know the feeling when you eat high quality food, or grow your food and add it to your family’s meal, take extra time at the grocery store and farmers market, or have a long lunch with friends while you catch up? This is the way of being we are meant to live.

So let’s all go on the “A-LIVE Diet”!  Add in more life to our lives. Whether it is live foods, nourishing experiences, inspiration and creativity or just being present.

Check out this video from Switchfoot “When We Come Alive” featuring my dear friend Jeremy McGhee.

This year my birthday cake is going to be a carrot cake that counts as a vegetable!

Much aliveness to you,

Heather Fleming


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