Become a Poop Whisperer

We all poop. And our bowel movements are one of the best indicators of how our body is absorbing nutrients and detoxing.

How often should you poop?

The Journal of American Medicine says it is normal to have bowel movements at intervals ranging from 3 times a day to once every 3 days. That is a pretty general statement.

By working with heaps of clients, reading books and being curious, I see people have a healthier and more vibrant life pooping every day. There may be a day here and there that causes you to skip, especially women when they are ovulating.

And the best news…You can have even TWO healthy #2’s a day!

When your body begins to detox effectively, you will have a healthy, formed morning poo and even a second healthy, formed poo in the afternoon.

How do you know our body is releasing toxins effectively?

  1. Skin glows and the whites of our eyes are really white
  2. Urine is clear and we feel hydrated during the day
  3. Bowel movements are formed, solid, not that smelly, complete and more frequent.
  4. After deep breaths, we instantly feel relaxed, calm and more centered.
  5. During exercise we sweat, find our zone, and our body feels energized shortly after.
  6. Your nervous system isn’t as revved up as it usually is.

What is a good poop? Here are different categories and suggestions. You want more #1 & #2’s:)

  • ​#1: Smooth, brown, formed, sinks, 6-8 inches long and solid is the GOLD standard! You use minimal toilet paper and minimal wiping.
  • #2: Formed, soft nuggets that float: Add more fiber from veggies, and magnesium, one of my favorite brands is:
  • #3: Thin pencils: STRESS. Try to reduce inflammatory foods such as sugar, processed wheat, processed dairy, sugar substitutes and processed deli meats.
  • #4: Hard rocks: Fiber & hydration. I recommend adding veggies, especially veggie soups, as your primary source of fiber versus over-the-counter supplements. Some of those can cause more irritation.
  • #5: Hard logs that tear: Constipation, water, minerals and absorption issues. Try adding in veggie broths and baked pears or apples, topped with cinnamon and organic, local, raw honey.
  • #6: Liquid: Gut health is under attack. Try adding in my Pumpkin Smoothie recipe, get it . Also, please see a qualified healthcare practitioner.
  • #7: Hemorrhoids: Too much straining can cause these ruptures. Soak in an Epsom salt bath and see your healthcare practitioner.
  • If you are having poops that are green, yellow or gray, it could be some liver, gallbladder or pancreas issues. Please consult and Integrative Doctor who feels confident in looking at your entire body’s systems to heal. ​

Environmental toxins, low-quality foods, stress, lack of water, poor sleep, preservatives, and sugar can stress out the organs in as little as one day, then the body is playing catch up to release the waste.

Most people jump straight to adding fiber when they feel constipated. However, that is not ideal. We need these 3 in a balanced manner to get the poop shoot working.

Fiber, Water, Magnesium. Each person and each day you may need a different balance of these three. But first, we have to get out of consistent fight and flight then it becomes easier to balance these.

Back by poopular (ha ha) demand, I created Nourish YOUniversity to help you discover your daily program and HOW to gently shift and adjust what YOU need. We are the only person who is completely in charge of our daily health and well-being. Learning about how to KEEP ourselves healthy and reduce stress is key. Our bodies DESIRE to be healthy and we need to pause, listen and learn from our inner wisdom.

I will be hosting two LIVE webinars in January of 2023 to support you in NOT signing up for another extreme, radical program, that may leave you feeling depleted, poopy, constipated and frustrated.

And if want more details about Nourish YOUniversity, let’s chat! Schedule here or email me back some days and times to call you.

with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. ​Conscious. Compassion. Nutrition.

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I LOVE my portable infrared sauna and it is a wonderful tool for detoxing.

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