Balance Phase 3: Day 4: What would an Intuitivarian do?

Balance Phase 3: Day 4: What would an Intuitivarian do?



To be continued:  What the rebel wants and desires the inner critic judges and criticizes.

I recall a time I wanted to release caffeine, I set up a date to begin, and wow, did my inner voices go wild. Try not forcing yourself however support all of the different hormones to be communicating together.

3 steps:

  1. What emotion am I bypassing by putting this in my mouth?
  2. What does my body truly need? Oxygen. Hydration. Nutrition?
  3. What experience with this food will fulfill me even more?


  • Cold and creamy, usually repressed anger and trying to cool it down.
  • Cold and creamy support: . Avenin Deficiency (Craving of gelatinous substances). Feeling alone and depressed.
  • Chia seed pudding, Frozen fruit and coconut cream, a hug.
  • Have gelato with friends walking on the beach or after a hike. Let’s go to Italy:)
  • An Intuitivarian would release old negativity, and enjoy the darn gelato:) only if it aligned and the emotion wasn’t getting replaced.

* Apply to Chocolate, cookies, croissants, etc. 

What does an Intuitivarian do about sunshine? BE SENSIBLE, reduce toxic sunblock, and ENJOY fully in non-peak hours. We are super deficient in Vitamin D due to our indoor lifestyles.