Ask yourself THIS to end tailspinning every week on your nutrition program

Feeling safe with our emotions, body, health, community, and relationships may be one of the main reasons we are here experiencing life.

What would your life be like if you asked yourself this…

“If I was not afraid, this is what I want to happen.”


“If I weren’t afraid, I would do this.”

I have been scared as heck lately. I moved out into nature and was worried about my decision. I have a 12-pound pooch and was concerned about her safety and worried about me staying put in one place for a while 🙂

I kept asking for signs and received heaps of confirmation.

I worked with my fears, sat with the discomfort, and got more curious about what these fears were blocking me from. These fears helped me ignite my senses to purchase items to help our safety, get clearer on my life’s dreams (becoming more self-sufficient, learning how to make honey, growing more veggies, and more!), and my hearing and eyesight are improving to accommodate being in nature.

I am so happy we even bought a tiny house!

(I will share photos soon)

While writing this post, my friend Susan & Sven newsletter came into my inbox saying…

Past experiences and traumas can hold fear in your body´s memory and tend to set up self-imposed limitations such as – don´t go any further, don’t shine your light, don´t raise any flags, it’s dangerous out there!
By releasing the fears, we can move forward, breathe deeper, and engage with life fully.

Did you begin new regimens this month and feel some anxiety or nervousness? This is totally normal.

You are creating new neural pathways AWAY from the fearful ruts in your consciousness for many years.

Those limitations run deep and the only way to work on them is with mindful traction, nervous system support, and a fun-loving guide (YOURS TRULY).

This year in Nourish YOUniversity, we will practice THREE experiments to help you feel and face your fears. If you desire change, it begins with your thoughts, nervous system, sense of safety and shifting your self-limiting beliefs.

These THREE experiments help you work WITH your fears, catch those beliefs and habits that throw you in a tailspin every week and increase your confidence with how you nourish your OWN body.

We are all in this together. And to be our healthiest selves, let’s take one bite at a time to heal our stress hormones and calm our nervous system.

I will host the Lighten Your Load webinar to share more about the THREE experiments to increase safety in yourself and enhance your nutrition intuition.

The webinar is LIVE on Monday, January 29th @ 5 pm PST. For those who make it live, you receive a FREE gift, my NEW Lighten Your Load program!

If you want more details about Nourish University, let’s chat!

Schedule below or email me back here for us to connect.

with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. ​Conscious. Compassion. Nutrition.

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