Are you rushing all day to relax?

I remember a time when I use to rush to yoga. I would be in a panic, grabbing my mat and driving a bit too fast to get to class on time. As I lay down on the mat, I would laugh at the reality I was creating.

Now, at this phase of my life, I am doing way less rushing. Actually, Ruka and my nicknames at the RV park are ladies of leisure.

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My underlying drive to rush all day most likely stemmed from fear or distracting myself from deep feelings that I didn’t want to deal with.

Now, my nervous system is so sacred to me, that I will protect it with my whole heart.

What that means for me is, I am responsible for my own nourishing bubble. When I get a leak in my bubble, I don’t feel supported or can support others as generously to be present with them.

Basically, we I am leaky, I become defensive, reactive, and sad. And this gal is refusing to rush to yoga anymore, instead, I am practicing making my daily lifestyle my real-life yoga flow.

The people who are most undeserving of your love, need it the most. –Mike Dooley

For example, fear will weaken the body because when you are in “flight or fight” mode or in an ‘alarm’ state, your calcium, magnesium, and zinc will deplete within minutes. Some people have low reserves from long-term stress and poor diet and therefore cannot cope with stress.

So all day, we may be in alarm mode from our daily routine, habits, schedule, and REAL stress, compounded with not allowing ourselves to relax and FEEL. This is what will cause us to become mineral deficient, have constant physical pain, and create consistent negative thoughts and unworthiness.

Your nerves, spine, and brain constantly message each other to determine how you experience pain. Our cerebral cortex determines what we are going to do about the pain. Then the limbic system responds with an emotion. To help us process pain and not turn it into chronic pain, we need to connect our brain, spinal cord, and nervous system with a healthy vagal response.


My dear friend Buffy and I are co-leading a course for you to rewire yourself AWAY from some of your daily stressors.

Buffy is a Feldenkrais practitioner, Functional Medicine health coach and dear friend. She led our membership group last week with a simple body awareness exercise. Her gentle voice, expertise, and simple guidance helped reduce some of my nagging aches and pains in minutes.

We combined my Feel Your Meal program with Buffy’s LIVE classes and body awareness recordings to help you reset your daily life.

This program merges the best of food-loving wisdom with an embodied approach to nourishing vagal tone. You’ll explore gentle movement practices that will empower you to tap into the power of improved vagal tone. If you’ve suffered from insomnia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, or feeling flat or numb, the vagus nerve could be the missing piece.

During this 8-week self-guided program with LIFETIME access, Buffy will host live class and she and I are available for LIVE Q&A’s.

Click below to learn about the Feel Your Meal & Movements to Nourish Vagal Tone Program!

Learn More & Sign up here! 

P.S. If you want to relax in the comfort of your own home, join me monthly for Neurodynamic Breathwork sessions.

This music-led, SIMPLE breath technique, helps process emotions, reduce mental stress and can feel like you are doing your own therapy session every week.

If you are craving a more gentle, self-led, Heather-guided:), relaxed modality to move some stuck energy, I got ya!

Plus, remember, the #1 we release toxins is through our exhale. And this time of year is a great time to focus on detoxification.

Whether you have excess emotional congestion, mucus, shopping therapy, overwhelm, or the overall feeling heavy, breathwork will create more space for you to move through feeling stuck.

I was honored to have my first experience with Breathwork under the guidance of Heather Fleming. For most of the session, I felt like I was floating on a cloud. For me, this was like a very deep meditation. I am so looking forward to many more Breathwork sessions! Robin S.

Change up your Monday evening by being relaxed in your pajamas and doing some inner work.

You don’t need to have your video on or talk.

Just receive!

Sign up for the Breathwork group session below…

The next Session is scheduled for April 17th (after taxes!

6 pm PST/9 pm EST

I will email you the details.

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