Are you over fruit’n and under veggie’n?

Hello Conscious Eaters,
I have been having a blast teaching @ Rancho la Puerta in Tecate, Mexico this past month. Their food is amazing, colorful, and fresh from the garden. Having food prepared for you is always a positive. However, a trend I noticed was that people were eating more of the “low-fat” options during meal times, then experiencing blood sugar crashes during the day and grabbing a bunch of fruit to keep them going.

Is fruit bad? HECK NO! Be cautious of eating fruit through out the day, this can affect blood sugar levels, insulin production, and fat storage. It is best to eat fruit seasonally, and fruit does NOT compare to vegetables. I have seen clients gain a few pounds from overeating many foods including fruit, but I have not seen ANY clients gain weight from eating too many non-starchy vegetables.
Check out this amazing chart my client, Bob D. sent me to decipher when certain vegetables are in season.

Remember fruits and vegetables are NOT created equal.

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Eat your veggies,
Heather Fleming, Joyful Food Expert
Founder of the Conscious Nutrition Program
& Author of the Have it ALL Diet
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