Are you dehyrdated?

Hello everyone,
Hope you have recovered from the Super Bowl festivities, if not refer back to my blog with hangover tips on my website. I am completing my 40-day hydration challenge. I removed caffeine and alcohol for 40 days. I experienced some good headaches on days 7, 10, & 21. The positives include; my energy and moods have been consistent, my skin is glowing, and I explored new adventures with my extra time from not socializing with tea or cocktails.

During this challenge, I became very aware of how borderline dehydrated I was prior. I thought I was drinking plenty of water, and realized with caffeine and alcohol, it was not enough.

When you are dehydrated your body is also missing important minerals such as potassium. Try a natural “Gatorade” made with one teaspoon lime or lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey, and a pinch of sea salt added to a glass of water, this will help keep your fluid and mineral levels replenished.

If you are experiencing muscle aches and cramps due to dehydration, vinegar will become your new best friend. Take a warm bath and add 8 ounces of apple cider vinegar to the water for a soothing muscle relaxing bath. Also, add a cup of Epson salt to hydrate and soften the skin.

A great way to keep track of you water intake is to purchase a cool water bottle, preferably glass and have it with you during the day. Here is a link to the one I use.
“Glass water bottle “

Stay healthy & hydrated,
Heather Fleming, Joyful Food Expert
Founder of the Conscious Nutrition Program
& Author of the Have it ALL Diet
“Click HERE to Have it ALL”

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