Are You Acting Like a “Fart in a Bottle”?

My Australian client just used this statement to me in regards to describing a busy body type of person. When your stress hormones are inflamed and you are in a constant state of stress, your body flares up and it is difficult to regain homeostasis until you relax.


Some of the happiest times in people’s lives are when they are relaxed, happy, focused and enjoying the moment. How can we implement these feelings daily vs just 2 weeks a year on vacation?

Some daily tips to release the busy body:

  1. Ground yourself every hour with breath, water, and checking in to see what your body needs.
  2. Keep yourself a priority. Before you put on a child’s oxygen mask you HAVE to put on yours. Take an inventory twice a day to see what you have or haven’t done yet to support your health and nutrition.
  3. Have your safe snacks with you at all times. Whether it be nuts, herbal teas, veggies, fruit, cacoa nibs, goji berries, coconut flakes to name a few.
  4. Take a moment to see if you are addicted to the busy body and why you are consistently distracting yourself from your true essence of peace.  That alone may be your practice, seeing what unease comes up when you are still.
  5. Play & Movement. These may be cause of the restlessness, not having enough social interaction, body movement, connection, and exertion.

Let the fart out of the bottle & relax,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N


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