Are extreme diets trying to help us?

When Keto first came out, I received heaps of emails asking if “Should I do Keto”? I dove into the research and also reviewed if this was just another diet that we were going to obsess over and think was going to save us.

I will be honest. I was very frustrated with the marketing and the preying on dieter’s psychological challenges and mentality. Keto can be right for the right person and under certain circumstances. However, like a new diet, I was worried. It just didn’t seem the right fit for the masses.

Then here comes Intermittent Fasting. Which to me has more validation. This has been researched and implemented by many cultures, religions and when we were hunters and gathers, we didn’t always have food.

Now after a few years of navigating how to help people while these diets take the spotlight, I have it figured out.

These extreme diets are trying to help us become aware of ourselves, the environment and reality by…

  • Trying to help us TRUST our instincts
  • Connect us with our natural rhythms
  • When we were hunters & gathers we didn’t have GPS we had to navigate from our INNER knowing.

Now I may change my biz name to Instinctual Nutrition:) Just kidding.

There are so many different extreme diets and I believe we can apply each one of them on certain days, seasons, health issues and decades of our lives.

The offers 4 different Meal Types to help you CHOOSE what you need.

For example:

Protein Meals: Paleo, Whole 30, Carnivore, Blood Type O Diet.

Starch Meals: Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Blue Zones, when we were hunters and gathers and the hunt didn’t go well.

Combined Meals: FEAST! When we were celebrating life

Vegan Meals: FAST. When there wasn’t a plethora of food and we needed to conserve.

The goal is to rotate these different Meal Types to help you with absorption, bloating, energy and satiety.

Then we have these other things to work with: Stress and emotions. If you experience emotional eating, you are not alone.

During ALL of my courses, you will observe and address your subconscious patterns, beliefs and thoughts around your relationship with food. Since we eat every day, we have plenty of opportunities to keep practicing!

Because of my beliefs and desire to help you all release old patterns,

I am giving away the farm!

Become a member of Nourish University until the end of March 2022

  • Two one-on-one consults with me! value: $300
  • Receive the LIVE Fall 4-week LIVE Master Class beginning September 28th value: $547
  • January New Year one-week Appetizer course: value: $197
  • Monthly Healthy Happy Hours. value: $97/month
  • Private Facebook Community. value: $97/month
  • Access to Expert Interviews. value: $299
  • Conscious Nutrition e-books and resources. value: $179
  • And MUCH more!

Value: $2500

You are tired of falling off the wagon every weekend, it is time for you to become the guru of YOU! I am here to help you not feel the exhaustion of trying to stay on a diet. Because you are NOT supposed to!

The Cost for the Nourish University, Seasonal Transformation program for YOU!

Payment options are available! Six months for the price of Three

I hope to see you starting tomorrow for the Master Class and nourish you for the rest of the year and into 2022. With so much unknown, we get to know ourselves deeper.

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