Another “non-Weight Loss Meal”

Salad with Low-Fat Dressing & Topped with Chicken

This is the time of year many people order more “healthy” salads at lunchtime to achieve their weight loss goals. These salads are usually not nutritionally dense thus leaving people hungry for sugar immediately or 30 minutes after lunch.

The common ingredients in this meal are:

1. Iceberg Lettuce: Is comprised mostly of water and is more available in colder climates with less access for fresh produce. Iceberg lettuce has less fiber and vitamins than other salad ingredients. Other recommendations to liven up your salad and add nutritional value are: Arugula, Swiss chard, Kale, & Spinach.

2. Fat Free Dressings: These dressings replace fat with sugar in their ingredients. It also uses lower quality oils, which can cause an inflammatory response in the body. Besides, the other words in the ingredient list that you cannot pronounce be careful of Splenda aka Sucralose as one of these. Splenda can challenge the Nervous system and cause weight gain.

3. White Meat Chicken: I mentioned this in a previous blog and felt it was worthwhile to bring this subject up again. White meat chicken doesn’t contain the blood flow, as does dark meat chicken. The blood contains B vitamins that are more easily absorbed by the body. In addition, the dark meat offers a bit more fat to assist with satiety, and preventing the 3 o’clock sugar cravings.

As you order your new upgraded lunch, try these substitutions:
• Darker greens
• Olive oil and vinegar on the side
• Peruse the menu for other vegetables they serve and ask to add those to your salad
• Substitute the breast for some leg meat
• Enjoy!

Make it a great and yummy day,
Heather Fleming

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