Announcement: Breaking up with…

Happy New Year!

DIET! I have been holding on to the idea to help people with their relationship with food, I needed to shift the ENTIRE diet mentality. Well, I am ready to let it go. You with me?

When I began my business in 2007, I was so ambitious to replace the Weight Watchers program with my Conscious Nutrition Food Tree. Now, in 2020!!!! We are all armed with technology at our finger tips and the diet structure is not what it use to be. So, are we ready to change or are we going to listen to our minds that following a diet is the only way to lose weight?

I have been speaking to a lot of clients and friends, and they are saying it is more difficult for them to maintain their weight or slim up than it use to be. Is that true for you? Well, it is for me too! This has to do with our environment, soil and food quality and STRESS. Whether it is our mind that causes us stress or our organs are in NEED of extra nourishment, we can make daily changes to help our body release toxicity.

Some people will just say it is age and peri-menopause, which can definitely be true factors, however, I want us to better understand what else is going on.

Now, that we have accumulated more information from social media, marketing and our minds are full! This causes congestion and free radical damage, which leaves us and our bodies we more confused than ever.

Before you go and restrict, try to forcefully change your hormones, it is best to dive deeper into your relationship with food first!

Join me in January for two complementary webinars! Iwill be LIVE in the Holiday Facebook group sharing insights, tips and other resources to help you ease into your healthy new year.

The next topics will discuss:

  1. January 7th @ 5 pm PST: How to let go of rigid rules and learn to rotate different Conscious Nutrition Meal Types to heal digestion.
  2. January 14th @ 5 pm PST: Are you raising your cortisol and not even knowing it?

Head here to watch the FREE Facebook LIVE webinars.

If you are ready to take the pressure off of what you are going to do in 2020!

I am here for you!

Also, I have created a NEW program for 2020. If you have been a participant of my RESET or Jump Start, this new program is an UPGRADE to those along with more meal plans, bi-weekly support, membership site, more recipes and way more love!!

Join the 6-week Nourish with Heather program to help you END yo-yoing and prevent you from signing up for another EXTREME program that leaves you feeling disappointed and frustrated. I have created a super simple system to help you stay connected with your body and meal plan with EASE! It is like a more conscious and connected 30-day program that has NOTHING to do with restriction or deprivation. WE so got this!

JOIN NOW at the Early New Year pricing until 1-15.

Love from your nourishment leader,

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