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Conscious Nutrition Recipes

What should I make for dinner? This question can tire us out every night, especially when you have other people’s mouths wide open as they stare at you when you walk through the door.

Besides this question, the other one I receive is “What should I eat”? And as a Clinical Nutritionist, I don’t believe I have the power to choose what is best for you, but you do!

Back in the day, I created more than a thousand meal plans for people. And by day two or three, they felt they “fell off” their plan because we all know how that goes, reality sets in:) Instead, I would love to share some great tips to make meal planning more effortless for you and ease your relationship with food.

First of all, you are an individual and your taste bud’s preferences, your needs and your body desires different nutrients, textures and tastes change everyday. You know the feeling when you want a meal that is grounding and comforting one day and then the next you may need something light and sweet?

THIS IS SCIENCE! And your mind is not in control of these decisions but your body is the leader. We have been doing it all wrong, trying to “think” our way into being healthy, instead, we need to quiet our mind so we can interpret what our body and organ’s need.

In ancient traditions, they focus on different flavors of foods and herbs to heal the body. This is one reason we have strong cravings. Our organs are trying to send us messages, just like a text:)

These messages are a sign a certain organ may be needing a specific flavor to rebalance. For example,

  • sour foods supports the liver
  • spicy the lungs
  • bitter the heart
  • salty the kidney
  • sweet by the spleen

Besides flavor, we also crave certain temperatures of food. This can be called yin/yang. Some cooked foods are more yang while others can be raw. To simplify this, let’s call it hot or cold, like soup or salad.

The flavor profiles are Sweet or Savory. These Flavor components can help you meal plan by tuning into what you are leaning toward, such as fruit or roasted vegetables.

Hot or Cold and Sweet or Savory?”

So before you meal plan or grocery shop, pause and check in to some of the flavors and which temperature you may be wanting more.

To help you with this Meal planning process and with more recipe ideas, I have a NEW recipe book! 

Recipe BOOK!

This new book is a compilation of my programs, videos, cravings and my love of food! 

The Table of Contents is focused on you FEELING into your body first and then choosing what you are craving. 

For example, each recipe is broken down into each Temperature & Flavor Combinations. 

Hot & Sweet: Gilicious Apple Bake p.135. This recipe was a hit at the RE-New Year retreat. It is like having a healthy apple pie for breakfast! 

Cold & Sweet: Pumpkin Smoothie p.96. So many people focus on carbohydrate intake and forget this group is essential for fiber and minerals. Try this pumpkin smoothie recipe and notice how healthy your poo becomes! 

Hot & Savory: Vegetable Risotto p.80. I made this dish for a party and didn’t even add parmesan and it was a hit! 

Cold & Savory: Ribboned Carrot Salad with spice p. 144. This is a light savory lunch or a side dish that offers more flavor and crunch. 

Besides each recipe being organized under these categories, they are also separated into the Conscious Nutrition Meal Types. These 4 Meal Types were created from all of the research I conducted when I created the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree. I believe we are dynamic beings and are not meant to eat in a static way.

Try rotating these different Meal Types whether you are a meat or veggie eater.

In this order: Protein Meals. Starch Meals. Combined Meals. Vegan Meals.

Since we aren’t meant to follow a perfect program, we are designing our own. Certain times of the month or year you may need more Protein or Combined Meals. And in the warmer months you may crave more Vegan and Cold Meals. 

As you begin to practice this new style of meal planning, you will notice you are spending less time OBSESSING about what to eat. Instead you are listening to your body, and your body will meal plan for you!

Thank you for your interest in my recipe book! It is a digital book that you can take with you to the store versus all of the dusty recipe books in your cabinet. You can also print it out and 3-ring bind it so you can add your other favorite recipes to the Taste & Meal Types. Let me know if you have any questions! 

Head here to get your copy!

I am so excited to support you to liberate your relationship with food as you trust the most amazing person you know, YOURSELF!

Love from your rebellious nourishment leader,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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