Amazing Book Review

I am super blessed to know this woman on a personal and soul sister level:). Her book “Things are Going Great in my Absence”–How to Let Go & Let the Divine Do the Heavy Lifting” is a must read and feel into. I will be honest the first time I read it, I didn’t do the workbook portion. I read it from my intellectual mind to read and fix me. Now this time, I dove all in.

Here are my favorite quotes from 10-1 countdown fashion: Drum roll please…..

10. When you free and forgive yourself it ripples out into humanity
9. You are worthy just as the birds and flowers are worthy of their sustenance.
8. Slow metabolism is just suppressed, stagnant energy that’s vibrating low. Soften and feel into it.
7. Stop making yourself wrong, how you respond creates tomorrow.
6. When you are there for YOU emotionally, others will naturally join you.
5. Resistance turns more pain into suffering.
4. Soon you will experience yourself “lighter”
3. The day you fear no feeling, you are free
2. Focusing on what you don’t want and expecting to get what you do want is insanity.
1. Be soft and compassionate with small self which is doing the best it can with its limited consciousness

Heather Fleming, C.C.N

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