Always Make Time for a Picnic in the Grass.

I had a morning where I woke up late, and the tea shop I was craving was closed.  I compromised and found a substitute which I then spilled all over the floor in the store:) Had two early appointments that reset me and as I was rushing to work on my computer I stopped and practiced what I preached.  I went to Evolution and ordered an amazing vegetarian burger made out of beans and lentils, took it to Balboa park and laid in the grass and had a picnic. Why do we not allow ourselves what we truly want?  When we stop and follow our heart it can lead you to much more than what you are expecting. I then returned to my technology and found out I was accepted as a health writer to LiveStrong with Lance Armstrong’s community. Since I took a step out of forcing myself to work and stop and enjoy the day, did that help me receive this great news? Now, let’s say I feel heaps better working on my computer.
Love Heather,
Finding her Happy Medium:)

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