Aloha! Are you ready for a Soul Nourishing retreat in Hawaii?

Aloha amazing SOUL!

We are so excited to share what Tiffany and I have been cooking up for you (pun intended)!

When I first met Tiffany over 5 years ago, she showed me her painting style, I looked at her and said, I want to learn this. I felt my spirit leap for joy and now we taking to Hawaii to swim with dolphins in the day and paint from our soul at night.

We found a venue to support this amazing experience, the Whale Spirit Sanctuary on the Big island. The space itself, is a healing vortex, an eight minute walk to the water, dolphins and the famous Kealakekua Bay. 

The kitchen will have Heather intuitively cooking up local foods to create a safe and nourishing environment for you to fully enjoy your Hawaii experience. All meals will be provided and an option of dining out two to three times on the island.

The flow for you week with you and/or your travel partner to choose and create your own adventure.

  • Wake to a nourishing breakfast including coffee and tea
  • Head to one of the three bays where the dolphins come into swim.
  • A gorgeous lunch with an option to rest, digest and reflect.
  • A movement class will be offered two-three times during the week.
  • Swim with Manta Rays at night
  • Painting sessions and guidance from Tiffany
  • Road trip to the volcano
  • Golfing
  • Head to town for shopping and Farmer’s Markets

If you have any other desires, we are open and would love to hear from you!

Our early bird/dolphin pricing ends January 1st, 2020, we are overjoyed to share this experience with you! Let us know if you have any questions by replying back to this email.

Learn more here and choose your room or private casita!

with love & aloha vibes,

Heather & Tiffany

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