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Hello fellow well-being coaches, health care practitioners and conscious living guides!

I am honored to share my resources and Master Class with you and your clients.

The creation of this course was intended to...

*Help others feel more empowered with their food choices

*Help other understand their psyche, subconscious programming and desires

*Work with their body with compassions

*Share nourishing tips and the Conscious Nutrition philosophy to simplify nutrition.

Reason #1 to join

The Master Class is set up to help your clients with their day to day decision making around food. You can do your magic with them and this will be a supportive tool.

Reason #2 to join

What to eat? We may have all heard this question and give some advice. This course helps them interpret what is best for them and their own personal needs.

Reason #3 to join

Healing our relationship with ourselves and the underlying pressures of unworthiness, guilt, emotional stress and boundary issues will help each of us live a more honest, healthy and compassionate life.


What other practitioners shared from their affiliate experience!

“Heather’s work and courses are a great resource for my clients and members! Her process of Feel, Meal, Heal is the perfect first step towards falling in love with food or as a preparatory step for the Autoimmune Protocol or other Elimination Program.” 
Heather and I have worked together for decades. She created the content in her courses for me to share with my clients so I didn't have to keep creating meal plans. Then my clients and I could focus on deeper issues that were holding them back.
Angela Smith, Wild Abandon Leader

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