Activist vs. Playing Nice

I have many mentors who inspire me to keep on trucking. These mentors range from the guy in the toll booth or a Doctor with a bunch of letters behind his name. Some of the nutrition gurus tend to use fear tactics and heaps of scientific studies to get people to make changes while others offer mindful nudges and common sense practices (me:). Recently, it has been suggested that I become more of an activist than just a cheerleader. I believe we are on a journey and each one of us comes into our own when the timing is just right. What do you think?

I was recently introduced to the Enneagram test and scored high as “Enthusiast”. This makes so much sense. I can get people super excited about nutrition and then my follow up SUCKS! I am trying to integrate structure and a system but my free spirit just wants to inspire and then go about my business.

What do you need to be inspired? What do you need to help you make healthy changes? What do you need to be like the children wearing rags for clothes and their smiles are SO big and you can feel their life force going through them? I want everyone to be this happy, especially with the relationship to their health and food.

I would love to make this blog a discussion with any and all feedback. I have a sense you are going to be seeing more of my rebel coming through, I hope you enjoy!

Cheers to making changes,
Heather Fleming

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  1. I never truly know what will inspire me until it does. Often though I am inspired when I know I am creating something that I can share with others. I feel the happiest around good friends, good food and lots of love.

    Ooooh, and I can’t wait to see your rebel coming through in your blog. Rock on sister!


  2. Lately it would seem that some of my inspiration needs to come from me being willing to dream. I am great at worrying about my future…constantly. But dreaming about possibilities for me I haven’t been so great at that. Getting emotionally excited about something inspires me. Sometimes under stress I know I stop getting emotionally excited about anything. And then I don’t feel inspiration at all…it starts to feel like just existing.

  3. Thank you Diane & Samantha for sharing! A good friend once told me to always do something that makes you feel better than the current emotion you are experiencing… If it just a walk on the beach, or a memory to get you back into the flow of gratitude than we can move toward the limitless possibilities that life offers. I once came up with an idea that every time I was feeling good I would snap a bracelet that I was wearing to reinforce positive stimulation vs. negative.

  4. Music inspires me greatly. It can completely change the energy in any environment instantly…and, make people feel as happy as those children wearing rags for clothes with gigantic smiles on their faces 🙂 Music definitely gets my creative juices flowin! Also, inspirational quotes are a great way to reinforce positive thinking. I recently made my own chalkboard (chalkboard paint at home depot, so fun!) and write different quotes on it that really speak to me. Some may last weeks, some just a day, but placing it in my kitchen where I spend hours creating raw food orders has been a huge help in reinforcing positive stimulation.