A nutrition structure for rebellious spirits

One of the most talked-about subjects besides money and love is the importance of our health and it usually stated by which ‘diet’ you are on.

What if we have confused dieting and health? And the diet culture is keeping us confused? Especially when you glance at the cover of magazines while in line at the grocery store or in a doctor’s office.

I totally believe this is an issue that is blocking us from believing in our own body’s wisdom. And before we had experts at every corner, we had to learn and fend for ourselves.

Instead of which diet to follow, let’s ask ourselves different questions?

Am I enjoying my food and meals?

Do I constantly stress over what to eat and who to believe?

Do I always feel I am not doing enough?

Am I uncomfortable feeling all of the discomfort in the world and want to eat for comfort or to numb?

Which nutrient-dense foods will support my energy, healthy poop and sleep?

What parameters do we need to help us feel like we are doing enough but not too much? The Blue Zones philosophy gives us a great list:

  • Movement
  • Rest & Recovery
  • Focus Nutrient-dense, plant-based foods
  • Sleep and knowing when to downshift
  • Purpose & belonging
  • Quality time with people who lift us up, especially Happy HOUR!

How much structure do you need?

If I give my clients too much structure, they REBEL.

If I give my clients too little structure, they don’t feel safe and have thoughts of ‘why bother’, I won’t achieve my goal anyway.

If this is you, you are not alone.

If you want to have a different relationship with how your nourish and nurture yourself, it all begins with…


Be careful who you trust and listen to. Some programs are so complicating and overwhelming. Only to leave you feeling more disempowered than when you started. We have to FEEL into our own bodies and DISCERN what we need. That is why we need a balance of structure with heaps of flexibility and self-awareness.

If you don’t know how to begin, you start one meal and day at a time. And the more we work with our , the more we understand and accept ourselves.

Whether you are experimenting with more Plant-Based meals, Paleo, Keto or just trying to eat better, try to eat with more mindfulness and connection.

? Feel the Feeling before FILLING Full

? Take a look at the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree and experiment with the 4 different Meal Types

? Ask yourself, are you Rebelling? Needing comfort? What will truly support you the most right now?

If you are intrigued and want to learn more about how to experiment and practice with how you think and FEEL around food, join me for the FREE 5-day EASE-IN program.

We begin Monday, April 12th and all calls are recorded for your listening convenience. During the 5-day EASE-IN, we will begin to

? De-stress Your Digestive System

? Balance Your Blood Sugar & Hormone Levels

? Learn What to Eat, When to Eat & How to Prepare Healthy Meals

? Enhance Your Energy & Mental Clarity

? Create Healthy & Realistic Nutritional Goals

?️ Observe your thoughts and how you approach your OWN health and wellness.

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