A leaky life can lead to leaky gut/Nourish YOUniversity until the end of 2022!

I had a fun weekend up in a cute mountain town in California called Idyllwild. We had game night, went on an art walk, rode around in a decorated golf cart and ate a lot of spinach artichoke dip!

There was a lovely woman who made the dip because it was her cheat day on her diet plan. She didn’t want to take the dip home because she wanted to return to her diet plan.

My heart hurt for her not to be able to enjoy her dip, I believe it is part of her process to have a cheat day, which I sense isn’t working for her, and I didn’t offer any unsolicited advice during game night.

However, the rebel in me ate the leftovers for dinner the next night and loved every bite. It is a bit dry up here in the mountains, so dairy is hydrating and comforting.

What does dairy have to do with a fun night?

Dairy can be inflammatory and we all know someone who has a dairy allergy.

How we digest life’s unexpected stressors is how we can try to digest food. I am not a big fan of cheat days. I have noticed that we expend so much energy overthinking when and what we are going to eat. Then the rest of the time we are controlling what we eat, and not present nourishing our bodies with what we may need at the moment.

A leaky life can lead to a leaky gut.

Living life in extremes, like no dairy forever, or a forced cheat day, may cause more stress and harm than trying to do…

“LOTS of little things” is exactly what one of my clients said this week. She has been working on supporting her hormones, and her self-care routine and is receiving the benefits and results in that she has always desired.

I created Nourish YOUniversity for you to do just this. To figure out what your lots of little things are that put all of your puzzle pieces together. Once the puzzle is done, you don’t have to figure out how to put the pieces together over and over each day.

The best time to enroll is with the live 4-week Master Class, Tuesday, October 11th.

We meet each week as you GENTLY add-in

  • Simple nourishing tips
  • Meal Ideas & over 40 days of recipes
  • Supplement suggestions to support your liver
  • Foods to support detoxification.
  • Self Care Tips

Instead of forcing the 4-weeks to turn out perfectly, (because life can get in the way) I recommend you join for the rest of the year, so you can practice and we can meet up each month one-on-one to support you.

Or if the timing feels great for you to begin the Master Class tomorrow, work with me for a Season!

This is a great way to support and nourish yourself until the end of the year. You can choose either group or personal.

Reply back to this email to set up a time for us to chat or…

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