5 Hour NATURAL Energy tips

Three o’clock is a natural circadian rhythm of the earth to siesta! However, many of us do not have time for this healthy treat. Here are a few tips to restore your vital energy so you don’t crash @ five o’clock, get crabby @ your children or significant others, and have the energy to go to exercise class.

1. Drink herbal tea 30 minutes to an hour AFTER lunch: Such as Ginger for digestion, and Matte for natural stimulation.

2. Try Spa Water @ 3:00: 12 ounces of water with lemon and cucumber slices

3. Shake a Protein powder with water: Most of my clients are low in quality protein. Pack a shaker cup and add the protein powder (Rice, Eggwhite or Whey based depending on various factors), then shake with water @ 3:00 or 4:00, then you will have a stellar work out.

4. EAT: Pack a balanced snack. Such as veggies and hummus or Nuts and fruit.

5. Hydrate: Coconut water is isotonic, meaning it is easy for your body to absorb. Another favorite is Kombucha’s Click her to learn more:

6. Chocolate: Yes, Dark chocolate with almonds is better than the vending machine.

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