40-Day Hydration Challenge

Happy New Year to all! This is crazy, I can’t believe I am doing this 40-day hydration challenge I made up! My client Bob D. inspired me, he lost 25 pounds in a couple of months by switching to drinking just water to kick his soda habit. For the last week I have been mentally preparing myself, it is amazing to watch your thoughts when you take on changing habits. I have been talking myself in and out of it every chance I get. I have been weening myself off of two staples in my life, Yerba mate tea and red wine:)

Is tea and red wine bad for you, heck no! However, is finding your healthy edges and challenging yourself good for you, heck yes! If you want to do the challenge with me, let me know and we can support each other.
We are the constant denominator in our lives to make the changes we desire, so if we are or not getting the results we want, it goes back to us.

Here are some options for you to make some changes:
1. Radio show: I am the new nutrition coach for the Gabriel Method. I met Jon on the set of our documentary, he will be interviewing me on January 4th @ 9 PM EST. His philosophy is amazing and aligned with Conscious Nuts!
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2. Conscious Nutrition 5-day JumpStart program beginning January 14th @ 7am PST $45
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3. Conscious Nutrition 3-week RESET program begins January 21st @ 6pm PST $197 & includes the “Have it ALL Diet” Book.
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4. Conscious Nutrition 3-day RESET retreat at the ocean in Mission Bay, San Diego $197 February 8th-10th (includes FOOD, housing, yoga, mediation & YOURS TRULY) Yes, that is the real price:) 6 Spots available *Women only. Email me for more information: Heather@ConsciousNutrition.com
5. Customized programs: Includes private coaching, meal plans, ideal day, goal setting, supplement support, & optional lab testing is now available.
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Ok, I think we have our bases covered. This is how we take on the New Year; baby steps, options, and realistic intentions.

Here is a video from one of my favorite musicians to inspire you. (see if you see me)
“Lee Coulter’s Cameo Video”
Happy New Year,
Heather Fleming
Joyful Food Expert
Founder of the Conscious Nutrition Program &
Author of the “Have it ALL Diet”
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  1. Hydration Challenge Update:

    Today is Day 10, wanted to give you a brief overview of what I have been experiencing:

    1. Day 1-6: Tons of ENERGY & HUNGRY! I was so hungry, not craving anything specific besides dark chocolate, and wanted to have satisfying meals.
    2. Day 7-8: HEADACHE: When I lead de-stress programs like the RESET, I mention to pay attention to day 3, 7 & 10. Day 7, got me. I also did an acupuncture treatment that day, so a bit more detoxifying effect.
    3. Day 9 & 10: A bit more tired, but relaxed feeling. I got up yesterday @ 4 am and felt great and went to bed @ 11 pm.
    4. The habit of having a warm tea throughout the day was definitely a crutch for me, and kept my “energy” up, even though I definitely have more energy now.
    5. WOW, I was making a big batch of soup, and while I cook, I love to sip on red wine. I even went to go pour it, and remembered, it took me 10 minutes to remember how to cook withOUT wine:) hee hee!