3 Steps Ebook

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Are you ready to transform your

complicated and love/hate relationship with food?

Never overthink about what to eat again?

Save time on grocery shopping and making meals? 

Feel good in your favorite pair of jeans?

Hello, I am Heather Fleming, founder of the Conscious Nutrition program and philosophy. As a recovering obsessive Orthorexic, (a person who is in search of the perfect nutrition program), I am sharing a mind-saving technique that will support you from constantly worrying if what you are eating is right for you.

After spending decades studying nutrition, taking courses from the best experts, reading every book I could get my hands on and now compassionately supporting thousands of people to upgrade their nutrition, I found THE secret.

These 3 Steps can support you with your relationship to how you choose your meals and connect with your body.

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I was obsessed with looking for the perfect diet and trying to become the perfect nutritionist. Only to discover there isn’t a perfect diet out there, or someone who knows it all. Eating the same thing every day and being in a constant state of worry will diminish your chance of survival and “thrival” (thriving in your life in your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being). All of the conflicting nutrition information, experts, and extreme diets disconnect you from your body.

If you are burnt out on dieting or tired of trying to get back on your plan every Monday morning, IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO BE YOUR OWN EXPERT.

When you implement the 3 Steps to connect with your body before or while you are eating, you will receive instant relief from the constant panic and pressure of trying to do it a certain way. When you dine out in a nice restaurant, do you notice how easy it is for you to chose what you want? This is because you are relaxed, ready to receive and the meal just pops off of the menu for you. When you choose meals from this relaxed state, you are connected to your nervous system and organs.

This connection supports:

Healthy digestion

Balanced energy levels

Mental Clarity

Happier moods

Less obsessive cravings


You deserve a life of nourishment and practicing the 3 steps will help get you there!

Thank you for your interest in the 3 steps and stay tuned for more information in your inbox!

With abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N