3 steps to connect with your body and expand your consciousness

Hello everyone! I designed another simple guide as a tool for you to expand and enhance your consciousness, your connection with food and your body. There are so many experts, diets, protein shakes, nutrition tips, and cleanses to choose from. So, why are so many people still confused and searching for the perfect diet, vitamin, meal plan, and program?

The perfect diet is within you. Your mind, rules, habits and guilt can be factors that block you from what your body truly needs. Shifting your perspective is the #1 change agent. Being the curious observer vs. aiming for perfection or following specific rules. An example for breakfast is that some mornings eggs sound delicious and some mornings they do not resonate with you. If you force your body to eat “protein” in the form of eggs, that isn’t serving your higher self and your body’s needs in this present moment. Try practicing these 3 Steps before you meal plan, grocery shop, or order at a restaurant.

STEP 1: Breath: Some of you may be tired of me writing about this, but I am not going to stop:) The more I research, observe my clients, myself and our stress levels, the more it links back to this simple and free tool. Your connection to your breath.

Your body releases 60% of its toxins through your exhale (CO2). If you are stressed and experience adrenal fatigue, cortisol spike and being in fight or flight for most of your day, these stressors compromise the lung’s detoxification functions. Stress is the leading cause of disease, symptoms and imbalance in the body. Reducing your stress level through breathing, movement, quality food, and great sleep will enhance your mental focus, moods, energy, reduce inflammation and help you be a kinder and happier human.

STEP 2: Alignment: There is a movement that is including more energy modalities in the fields of science, nutrition and wellness. Connecting to your spirit (Mind-Body Connection) can come through a strong intuitive feeling. Have you ever heard an inner dialogue that is loud, certain and authoritative? There is no questioning that this is your intuition. Pay attention to your intuitive spark and listen to it when it comes through.

STEP 3: Connection: The question of asking your body if it wants hot or cold and sweet or savory also gets you out of your mind and uses your senses to connect with your body.  Our body needs to adjust and align with the seasons, when we tune in we can flow versus force.

To learn more about the 3-steps, please head to this link to enter your information and receive the complementary download: Conscious Connection Guide & also you can head to our YouTube channel to see my smiling face:)

Cheers to more connection with yourself and your loved ones over the Holidays,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N

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