The #2 on Poop!

One of my most popular blog posts is Two Secrets to Fat Loss: Sleep & Poop. Although a few didn’t agree with me, the majority of people loved it. Awareness and consciousness regarding our bodies is the goal of these blogs, so I thought I would follow up with another poop post!

There is no “right diet” to follow, what’s important is understanding what is right for you.

When our organs and systems of our body are working efficiently, they will discard waste and toxins in the most efficient manner. Our body releases toxins through urine (Kidneys), bowel movements (Digestion & Colon), respiration (Lungs) and sweat (Skin). Or as Mark Hyman calls it, the quadruple “P” – poo, pee, perspiration and pranayama (breath).

Our nervous system feeds our entire body and when we are running on empty and/or anxious our organs are not getting the nourishment they need to properly detoxify.


How do you know our body is releasing toxins effectively?

  1. Skin glows and whites of our eyes are really white
  2. Urine is clear and we feel hydrated during the day
  3. Bowel movements are formed, solid, not that smelly, complete and more frequent
  4. After deep breaths, we instantly feel relaxed, calm and more centered.
  5. During exercise we sweat, find our zone, and our body feels energized shortly after

Environmental toxins, low quality foods, stress, lack of water, poor sleep, preservatives, and sugar can stress out the organs in as little as one day, then the body is playing catch up to release the waste.

If you are feeling wonderful, please share some of your daily secrets that keep you and your body running like the engine of a finely tuned sports car.


Do you need a waste reduction? (hee hee)

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Stay tuned,
Heather Fleming



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