Holiday Tricks when you Over Treat

There is a change in the season and a change in the quantity of foods you are consuming. Below are some tricks to assist you in digestion and NOT gain weight during this time of year.

1. Add cayenne pepper to your diet to stimulate digestion and muscle movement in the intestines. This restores deficient digestive secretions and aids absorption of food nutrients.
2. Lay on your left side after heavy meals. Your stomach is slightly tilted to your left and this will support the breakdown of the meal and prevent heartburn and other digestive disturbances
3. Drink room temperature water with 1/2 a lemon in the morning or evening on the day when you are really going to eat heavy.
4. Eat your VEGGIES. Vegetables are alkaline and they will balance out all the non-alkaline foods you are ingesting. Add vegetables to your eggs for breakfast, or make a veggie juice before the holiday party.
5. Eat a snack before the buffet. Try one scoop of a protein powder or a handful of nuts BEFORE you go to the buffet line. When your blood sugar and hormones are balanced you will mentally be more conscious of your food intake.

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