Sometimes your body needs a break. When your body is sluggish and out of balance due to diet, stress, and environment; toxins begin to build up in your vital organs. This will result in low energy, weight gain, mental fog, and DIS-ease. Just like your house needs a spring cleaning or your car needs an oil change, your body just needs to do a good ReSet. This will help your body find the optimal vitality it desires.

This 3-week program is a food-based plan that lets your body’s organs relax, so they can naturally and gently clear out the toxins before more stress accumulates. The first week is an easy transition that replaces foods that can cause toxin build up, with gentle cleansing foods. The second week is the healthy heart of the program and includes heaps of vegetables and an optional renewal shake for deep cleansing. The third week slowly reintroduces foods back into your system. This process will make you aware of your body’s response to different foods and how they affect you, or what we like to call, Conscious Nutrition.

  • The goals of the ReSet program are:
    • Relax and Cleanse the body
    • Create a Conscious relationship with your body’s signals, as they relate to food.
    • Discover what foods energize you and the foods that drag you down (an indication of buildup)
    • Increase Mental Focus and Clarity
    • Introduction to foods you never knew you loved!
    • Enjoy the feeling of healthy nourishment

The ReSet Program consists of:

  • Guidance: Step by Step instructions that guide you through the process, grocery lists, meal planning, videos.
  • Weekly Conference Calls: Heather will host a weekly teleconference with the “ReSet Crew” and answer questions, give guidance and others will share their experiences.
  • Personal coaching call: Get on the phone with Heather for personal guidance through a live coaching call to discuss your progress, how you feel and help with any hurdles or setbacks.
  • Wholesale Pricing on Optional Cleanse Shake: Wholesale pricing on Metagenics products.
  • Coaching session w/ Pete Kirchmer: A group session Webinar with Pete Kirchmer of Mindfulness Based Health. Pete is an expert at helping “change resistance” and helping people bridge the gap between knowing what to do and doing it. His Life Coaching will guide you through any mental or emotional blocks and help integrate the changes you have made during the Reset Program into your everyday life.

The Group ReSet Program – $197

The Individual ReSet Program w/ Coaching – $295

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