Is this You?

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused about your personal nutrition?

Do you have low energy and mental fog?

Are you tired of being in the rat race and ready to jump out of the maze?


The Conscious Nutrition Introductory Program is for you!

  • Conscious Nutrition Guide Book: This guide book outlines the concepts of the Conscious Nutrition Program. You’ll receive both a hardcopy and an e-book. Use it to learn the basics of Conscious Nutrition. Stick the book in your back pocket when you go to the grocery store. It’s your personal healthy shopper and guide. When you have this mastered and your ready to take the next step, move to the Body Performance Report, where CN gets intimately involved in your healthy future.
  • Daily Nudges: You’ll receive a daily email offering Conscious Nutrition guidance that keeps you tuned into the Conscious Nutrition program.
  • Conscious Nutrition Endorsed Recipes: Recipes built upon and supported by the Conscious Nutrition program. We take healthy supportive foods and turn them into delicious recipes. You can’t go wrong!
  • Menu Planning:  One month of Conscious Nutrition endorsed meal plans that are supported by the Conscious Nutrition Philosophy. This report guides you on when to combine and when to separate exchanges (units of protein, starch, and fat) using the Exchange Tree.

The Conscious Nutrition Introductory Program – $197

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