What 10 Foods in Your Fridge Make You Feel Abundantly Healthy?

We all can relate to the feeling of distress when we have no food in the fridge. However, what are the foods in your fridge that help you feel healthy and give you the energy to tackle the world? These are some of my personal favorites and suggestions for you to get your fridge full of goodness. Having supplies will set you up to have more energy vs. grabbing the cookie out of the jar that will get you nowhere.

Which foods in your fridge make you feel good?

  1. Wild caught Lox – This is one of my favorite protein sources. I feel when this is in my fridge my brain is going to work at full force. Add it to poached eggs for a benedict style breakfast, or have on top of salad with avocado.
  2. Avocado – I recommend putting avo on or in everything. Add it to your protein shake for healthy fat and extra creaminess. Mash it with sea salt and pepper to dip veggies in to, or blend it with a oil and lemon as a creamy salad dressing.
  3. Almond Butter – Use a big spoon to dip and it is perfect for a late night craving, add to saute veggies as a creamy sauce, dip with apple as a healthy dessert.
  4. Organic Free Range Eggs – Eggs can support savory cravings such as omelets and egg salad with our homemade mayonnaise dressing. Also add an egg to almond meal to make my favorite pancake.
  5. Lentils – Served hot for a soup or cold on top of salad.
  6. Coconut Milk – Amazing addition to smoothies and for curried vegetables.
  7. Seaweed Squares – A quick snack with hummus, avocado and cucumber can help you feel satiated after a long day as you make dinner.
  8. Organic Chicken Sausages – Add to your eggs in the morning or with pesto at night on top of sauted veggies.
  9. Rice Paper or Rice Noodles – Most grocery stores have an Asian food section. Experiment with the rice papers to make a fresh spring roll with cabbage, sprouts and carrots.  The rice noodles are delicious for Pho soup or topped with your coconut curry vegetables.
  10. Carrot Juice – I feel like 2 oz of this can give you a sweet pick me up. For a healthy dessert add it with ice, dates, and coconut milk ice cream. Delish!

Stock your fridge full,

Heather Fleming


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