Experiment Phase 2: Day 2: Supplement Support




  • Digestive Enzymes (be cautious of protease if you are susceptible to ulcers), Vitamin B, C, turmeric, artichoke, Green tea extract, Magnesium. These supplements provide comprehensive benefits for many of the organs and systems of the body. Some supplements do not work as synergistically as these. Please keep in any supplements that support your overall health.
  • Digestive Enzyme Brands: Vitalzyme, Garden of Life, Enzymedica Digest Gold, Papain, Bromelain, Triphala. Experiment with these. I recommend to take ANY time with, before or after a meal, especially if you are noticing bloating, congestion, or sensitivity.
  • Vitamin B, complex and B-12 and if you have a methylation issue, ***Try a formula with hydroxocobalmin, Perque Activated B-12 (from my Nutrition Science Gurus)–Available on Amazon) or for another option, Garden of Life B-12 spray. Take under the tongue for better absorption in the earlier part of the day, may provide energy before bed.
  • Vitamin C: My favorite is Camu Camu. Take in the mid day, around 1,000 mg. Be cautious of too much it may cause loose stool.
  • Tumeric & artichoke, purchase organic brands: Gaia Herbs. Gaia Herbs
  • Green Tea extract or decaffeinated liquid or tea. My other favorite hydrating tea is: Spring Dragon Longevity tea. Link below: Spring Dragon Tea
  • Magnesium: I personally love the brand Calm. Take in the evening to help with sleep. And will add other brands below, as updates come in. The link is below to the company’s website: Natural Vitality by Calm
  • Be cautious of the tiny print on supplements under the ingredients, keep an eye out for Dyes with a #, fillers and other words you find alarming.
  • I am not sponsored by any of these brands at this time. I have an application into Garden of Life for wholesale prices. Also, I may recommend products from Metagenics and Xymogen for my private clients and I do receive these at wholesale and make a commission on retail from my site, I provide discounts from time to time.