Are you tired of being in your head regarding what you “should” eat?

Do you feel obsessed and overwhelmed by all of the information about how we should eat?


It is time for you to create a conscious relationship with food and your body.


What are the REAL results you want to FEEL?


  • Mental Freedom:  Most clients were plagued with non-stop obsessive thoughts about food. What to eat, when, am I doing it right? Why not choose to release feeling this pain and living with this mental chatter for the rest of your life. The main portion of the program is supporting you to shift your perspective from outer to your inner. Spending less time obsessing abut what to eat will give your brain the space to listen to your inner knowing. YOU know exactly what you need to eat. When you judge this or feel guilty, you are putting your body in a state of stress and distrust. Did you know that most everything you eat or drink can be poison or medicine?  Taking in too much water can be hard on your kidneys and too little fats can cause your organs to dysfunction. Now, is the time for you to trust yourself and become your own guru.
  • Trusting Your Body: We are not taught how to understand our body’s needs instead we were trained to control and ignore our body’s needs. You will feel empowered, confident and reveal your own inner wisdom.
  • Feeling Centered: There are so many different diets, coaches, and programs that make us second guess ourselves. After your seasonalprocess, you will find and know your center and will not need to second guess yourself again.
  • Oh yay, Weight Release: Once clients release inflammation and symptoms, their bodies will release the weight naturally. The feeling to exercise and move becomes effortless and the body is working harmoniously.

During your Seasonal Experience you will implement Conscious Nutrition’s 3-Steps to Make ANY Nutrition Plan Work for you. This is not a 30 day diet or another quick fix, this is the information you have been searching for to trust yourself wholly! 

Now is the time for you to be committed to your own individual and authentic process.

The intention of your process is for you to feel more fully connected and free in your body.

How? Learning about your self is a consistent journey, and expanding your consciousness on how you are responsible to yourself IS the program. When you enhance and shift your mind set, then the facts are easier to clarify

We don’t get there, we are already there. Past programming, old beliefs, habits, and resistance can hold us back from feeling self-trust. As your observe your unfolding, shifting of beliefs, feeling new feelings and discover what truly nourishes you, your program will develop right before your eyes.

You are the program.

Some of the Heart Work tools we use to help you feel into your nutrition program are:

Meditation, Visualization, RESTING, experiments with different modalities and specific foods, breath work, laughter, reading certain books, writing exercises, journaling, and movement.


Musings from Bonnie R:

Thank you for holding the space for me until I was able to step into it.  Love you forever!


Conscious Nutrition’s Seasonal Experience

On The Conscious Nutrition Channel–Tune in to yourself!

If you are a person who wants to be connected to their nutrition process by liberating yourself from following restricted programs for the rest of your life, welcome to the Conscious Nutrition Channel.

If you are done watching your weight, done trying to follow a program that worked for you the first time, but now not the second or third or fourth, we are here to support your continuing evolution. As we reevaluate our lives every night when we put our head on our pillow, we need to reconnect with our body and well being.

Your SEASON can begin at any time!

This lifeline process is all about you staying connected with yourself and this is how we do it.. (insert music lyrics here)

PRIVATE Initial Meeting: 

An intake form along with a customized report will be your initial meeting. We will have a video meeting to review all of the information about you!

Value: $395

Private Follow-Up:

So you don’t feel overwhelmed or lost, we are here for you. Any time you implement change, some resistance may come up. We offer a follow up session during your seasonal process. 

$150 per season

SEASONAL Group Programs:

3-week LIVE group RESET



Why?: Every new year and beginning of the summer, there is a collective momentum to shift some habits. We will ride the wave as we dive deeper into our individual nourishing journeys.
The CN Jump start offers daily group video calls for 5 days in a row to get extra nourishing foods in your body at the right timing to balance your blood sugar, release inflammation and increase your energy reserves.

 3-week RESET & 5-day Jump Start
–Value $494

Why?: Spring and Fall are the two times of year our mind and body’s organs need a chance to clear any congestion that has accumulated because of day to day stresses.

25 NEW recipes every season 
–Value $49 per season

Why?: Eating seasonally is a great way to support your body to receive quality nutrition. Preparing our food can become a way for us to connect to ourselves in a creative and spiritual manner, and having new recipes each season will renew and spark that connection.

Monthly Q & A’s (Heather’s Healthy Happy Hours) & Guest Speakers from different conscious healing modalities
–Value: $99 x 3 months=$297

Why?: Each month I will conduct a Healthy Happy hour that consists of 20-30 minutes of sharing a topic that has come up from the support group, then we will have Q & A regarding any questions you have about anything.
I LOVE learning about other mind and body healing modalities. I will interview each expert and at the end of the interview you will be able to ask any questions.

Intuitivarian 22-day DIY anytime you need your own lift me up

–Value: $222

Why?: Twenty-two days of videos, tips, recipes and tools to support strengthening your intuition. 

Conscious Nutrition Books
–Value $24.95

Why?: These resources are available for you to use a resource to support your nourishing journey.

Private Facebook group to answer any questions

–Value: Priceless

Why?: I have noticed when someone asks a question, it supports the tribe.

Updates and discounts on supplements

–Value: Priceless
Supplement companies and trends are constantly changing. We will help you keep you energy on the pulse.

Discounted private sessions & Journal feedback

Value: 40% discount on private sessions and 20% discount on Journal feedback.

PLUS Bonuses! Because I know me and will not be able to hold back the nourishment. 

Upgraded versions every season to keep your process spicy and intuitive.

Value: $1632 per SEASON!

YOU pay $997

for your Seasonal Experience! 



$1997 per year