What are you ingesting?

Aloha! Besides ingesting heaps of salt water while swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii, I ingested warm sunshine, rainbows, the best fish burrito ever, a muddy hike, swimming with manta rays, seeing…

Which foods can help with your overwhelming cravings?

Most nutritionists tell you to just push through the cravings and they will go away. Well, this nutritionist hasn’t had personal or professional success with that tactic. I use to judge myself…

What are we really consuming?

We are wrapping up this year and I am declaring 2019, the year to be CLEAR and KIND (Thanks to Brené Brown’s work). Kind to others and especially ourselves. If you are…

8 Solutions to End the Most Common Causes of Bloating

Did you gain weight or are you just bloated?

From my early childhood up to my late 20’s, being bloated everyday was my normal. Everything I ate made me bloated or I would find a culprit and then minutes later a…

Your nutrition is such a personal evolution. We offer personal support to help you reveal how to nourish your body. I am certain I am living my life’s purpose of spreading hope, joy and freedom.

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