Balance Phase 3: Day 6: The ABC’s of an Intuitivarian



  • Keep it simple: The ABC’s are a great review of some tips and what to focus on. p. 33. My type of glossary:)
  • Why staying grateful keeps you healthy and young. Can notice in seconds when my attitude is a bit too negative my outcome, then shifting it. Just like walking away from your computer. Say 5 things you are grateful and write them out once a day.
  • What do I get out of not being connected to myself? This is a tough question to ask and hearing the answer may be harder. For example, how is having extra weight on my body supporting me? I have heard this answer, People expect less of me. or What am I receiving by not eating consciously? What aspects of my personality can sabotage me?
  • There is a heaps of responsibility in trying to be perfect, doing it all, so having aspects of your life not organized may be serving you somehow.
  • It is all about taking one step at a time, or changing one choice and habit at a time. (I stopped checking emails before I nourish myself)