Balance Phase 3: Day 5: Highlights of you



  • Finding your rhythm and flow. Do you feel less worried about what to eat? Do you notice more calmness around meal times and grocery shopping?
  • Where is your gas gauge at today? Look back and notice how many days your gas gauge was higher or stayed steady.
  • Review your journal and observe some patterns, for example, low energy makes me want carbs:), or a tough conversation makes me say Fart it.
  • Review symptoms you were experiencing when you began, such as low energy, tummy aches, digestive issues, moodiness.
  • One of my favorite stories is when a client slept thru the night for the first time in 30 years, jumped out of bed with energy, didn’t have cravings for a week, and was still worried about when she was going to see results. Be careful on what results mean to you.
  • You can not lose weight until your healthy
  • You can not beat yourself up, malnourish and guilt your body into becoming healthy.