Balance Phase 3: Day 1: Food Relations



  • If you are feeling great and do not want to do this, that is fine. Wait until reality adds them back into your life organically.
  • Add in foods every 48 hours. For example; eggs for 2 days, then cheese, then coffee, then chocolate:) This phase could last longer for each individual if you have many food items you want to experiment with.
  • True food sensitivity vs. choice: “I can’t eat that”.. Let’s replace with, “that doesn’t align with me at the moment”.  Some of us are blessed that we can make these choices. Some cultures thrive off of white rice and we may have some judgment around it and certain foods that could support us at times.
  • What to notice: Bloated, low energy, high energy, comfort, connection, satiated. Journal this. This will help you with your entire future.
  • Combinations of foods that create more variables: Fruit and a turkey sandwich. May be ok for some but if you had oatmeal for breakfast, this combination can create a chemistry challenge for certain people.
  • If I had cheese with friends one day, I personally relieve myself for the next few days. I go thru phases with each of these cravings.
  • Just try understanding the signals your body  is giving you to know when to add nourishment from certain foods and when to add nourishment from other experiences.